1. boredom
2. badluck
3. annoying
1. you're sitting at home with nothing to do. "fuck i've got fig"

2. you're driving home and you get every red light. "fuck i've got fig."

3. a friend won't leave you alone. " "alastair, you're giving me fig."
by marco November 15, 2003
Another name for a womans vagina or genital region
I opened the females legs and her moist flappy Fig was staring me right in the eyes
by wopmaster January 06, 2010
A female dog's vulva.
Doctor, can you please check her ears and eyes? Oh and check her fig too. It's swollen.
by Graham Yo October 27, 2006
Noun. 1. a state of dismal boring abyss. - figtatious, adj.
1. "Fuck I got fig".

2. ...Alastair promptly snapped "I don't like hanging around Adrian that cunt gives me fig."

3. "I can't stand this figtatious job anymore!" Elijah remarked with disgust.
by myncs February 14, 2005
Famous Imaginary Girlfriend. A person of note or celebrity, easily identifiable by others, whom you claim to fancy. An indication of taste and type.

The male version is FIB, Famous Imaginary Boyfriend.

My FIG, Jessica Alba, looked great at the Oscars this year.
by Paris Morgan March 25, 2008

not the fruit, but an interjection, noun, or verb depending on the way it is said.

a nicer form of the commonly over-used curseword "fuck"

this word evolved due to a couple of strict parental units who will not let their child (me) utter the curse word "fucking"

although "fuck" can also be interpreted as a sexual action or verb, fig is not and has saved me from being misinterpreted many times.

Go fig yourself.

Fig this! I'm leaving.

You're such a fig, Fred.
by Melissa Powers December 02, 2003
Fig is word back fomr the middle ages. It's used as a short form for people to lazy to say the following words
"Figuero", "Figuyasha", "Figueroa" and "Figith"
Some vairations include;
"Fig","Figgy","Figgy Pop" "Figgy Popo", "Figgy Poop", "Figalicious", "Figajoea", "Spanish", "Figly", "Moldy Fig", "Fugly Fig"
Hey "FIGGY POOP" "shithead"
by Juicy Jumbos June 19, 2005
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