Fig is word back fomr the middle ages. It's used as a short form for people to lazy to say the following words
"Figuero", "Figuyasha", "Figueroa" and "Figith"
Some vairations include;
"Fig","Figgy","Figgy Pop" "Figgy Popo", "Figgy Poop", "Figalicious", "Figajoea", "Spanish", "Figly", "Moldy Fig", "Fugly Fig"
Hey "FIGGY POOP" "shithead"
by Juicy Jumbos June 19, 2005
ring peice, old rinkled looking fig.
lick my fig
by i love fig June 14, 2003
A insult describing one who lives in the USA but is Canadian born. He often replenishes his stolen lunch money by means of fraud. He is then ridiculed by his peers so much that it forces him to move back to Canada.
LOL u got figged bad buddy, now ur poor as fuck~!
by ger November 22, 2004
fig is a word invented by amir z. neil a. and emil s. it means plainly "fag" its our fucking word and it is played out.
"I was talking to shepler, and hes suchg a fig now"

"John Urban is the biggest fig i know"
by neil anand September 19, 2004
Rhymes with fig.....Must be pig
gerd bird
by Renton October 24, 2003

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