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1. One who is exceedingly ignorant and does retarded things.

2. Being called a "Fiddling Meathead" automatically gives you the title of a dimwit with an uneducated mind.

3. Activities that lead to someone being called this are highly amusing and will someday become professional sports.
You are a "Fiddling Meathead" if...

- You pass out during a party hammered and wake up a few hours later Air Fiddling to music..

- You make dangerous videos with shopping carts to one day create a masterpiece..

-You quote Evil Betty by saying things like "Lemur go hmphh hmphh".. or "IM JUST A BIRDY TOOOO"..

-You create a handshake involving Air Fiddling, screaming YEEEEEEEAAAAA!, and acting like someone with turrets (hmmpphhhh!)

- And many more....
by Birdies&Lemurs May 12, 2010

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