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1) A late 60's cover up for and explenative.

2)Someone who is easily played.
"Stokka is such a fiddlestick!"
by OmenDesign May 23, 2005
a brothel, a place of ill repute
Hey, let's go to fiddlesticks and get laid guys!
by virginiarambler October 21, 2010
fiddle sticks are long, slender wooden (usually) sticks that are used to accompany a violinist or fiddler. The fiddle sticks player stands to the right of the fiddler and taps the sticks on the fiddler's strings, much as in the style of a hammered dulcimer.
"Get away from me with those damned fiddle sticks, you nut. I'm trying to play Bach's Chaccone!"
by Robert M. English August 06, 2008
a non-offensive way of saying "Bugger" in the sense of "Oh Bugger" or someone who likes to twirl twigs around between their fingers...
"Oh Fiddleticks" or You fiddlesticker/stickfiddler
by ChibiGarrick September 30, 2002
a word that means jack shit even though it's supposed to be something you say when you mess up. IT'S NOT A SAYING!
you dumbass, fiddlesticks isn't a word, you deserve two kicks in the ass
by iamthezebra August 15, 2010
The repositioning and or grabbing one stick and putting it somewhere else, OR A sexual mate preferably female; grabs the penis and shakes it around in a festive manner to help get an erection.
Sally noticed I hadn't been hard in days, so she gave me some fiddlesticks, and I was harder than a diamond in a snowstorm.
by magicmangina September 26, 2008
Although normally used to replace certain swear words in negative exclamation, this word can also be used as part of a rating system for judging attractiveness of the opposite sex. It's used when the person is extremely attractive, and it's helpful in conversation because no one will know what the heck you're talking about.
Guy 1: That girl is fiddlesticks!

Guy 2: Definitely.
by "Moose" April 16, 2009