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A robot high-five.
"Yeah, 001010010111101, I went to fice him but he totally went for a 01001 fist bump instead..."
by DEEmocore September 21, 2009
A small silent fart.
Yukk what's that smell?" "Sorry mate, I farted." "But I didn't hear anything?" "Cause it was a Fice!" "Mate thats mank.
by THE FICE-INATOR. June 08, 2011
Fake ice, like the kind used in a play or the water-filled plastic cubes bought for decoration in a drink.
Sam: Hey! Its amazing how that ice doesnt ever melt...

Brian: That's cause its fice you idiot...
by Stevie Y May 09, 2006
a tourettes-like expression of negative connotation. can also be used as a substitude for f***.

clearly invented by meghan degu along with hayley caper
Fice off!
Fice you!
Fice all! (when you're angry in general)
You are a ficing retard
by Meghan Degu April 03, 2006
A super element that forms when ice is placed on a rug burn. It creates an extremly painful sensation that is known to cause discomfort.
After I won that field hockey game last night, I made the terrible mistake of putting ice on my rugburn, and man did I get some major fice pain.
by The Terrorist Nextdoor July 14, 2006
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