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FiO (LI,NY) is a former contestant of the "Hip Hop 16 Bars" reality show. He is the first and only Italian-American to ever finish a full season of 16 Bars. At the Fright Night Season 2 Finale he took home 3 awards including most improved which was handed to him by the master Mr. J Hamilton himself. FiO recorded at KMA Studios (where 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, G-Unit, etc.) along with the Hip Hop 16 Bars family. He now tours with 16 Bars and will be signing with them shortly.

FiO has impacted the game with his ability to create songs with deep lyrics explaining his mental and physical struggles he is and has overcome. He is not just another punchline pothead rapper but clearly respects them for their creativeness (seen in interviews).
With this brace around my leg and all these fucking seizures
"I'm screaming "Fuck you world", who the hell needs ya
Don't you know that I'm fucked, (bitch) I'm living a lie
Poppin' pills to survive, bitch I'm ready to die

Well I sit back, relax, and watch the tears roll down
I try and scream for help, but I ain't making a sound
I'm walking all alone cause my heart has faded
I'm begging for help but I'm already jaded"- FiO Baby
by Mr.J.Carter November 30, 2010
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