Female Irrationality Syndrome. A condition found in 99% of women with the inability to rationally think through situations logically.
Man: "Hey honey what do you want for dinner?"
Women: "don't mind you pick"
Man: "ok, Chinese"
Women: "I don't want Chinese!"
Man: "what do you want then?"
Women: "I don't care"
Man: "God damn F.I.S!!!"
by Dr3v0m February 14, 2015
F.I. means freshman immaturity , as freshmen in highschool have yet to overcome that mental barrier that makes them giggle at the mention of the word penis
YO look at that Lenny kid, he's full of F.I.
by Paullly Vizzle January 24, 2011

please see fo, fo mo info.
what's his phone number? fo-fo-fi-fo-fo-fi-fo (445-4454)
by futuretrucker January 24, 2005
it means "Forget it". that's all.
guy1 : wtf r u doing!?
guy2 : what?!
guy1 : fi
by kilgayne March 06, 2004
a acronym for fire, one that is the finest of the finest.
Damn, that gul there is the Fi.
by Pimptress March 12, 2003
Formal Inspection
FI is in 2 days..hurry and clean your room
by LCP 4 life May 16, 2003
Adjective, used to describe something of good quality or someone who is good in a particular area; derived from the word fire
Kaley: did you see that girl the other day on the softball team?
Justine: you mean when she hit that grand slam?
Kaley: yea she is straight fi
by celeste25 March 15, 2008

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