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A moron. About 90% of the people in the word are fezzelbokers. Scientist are attempting to find out what caused this strange epidemic.

Signs that you're a fezzelboker:
TYPin LyK DiZ!
Enjoying top 40 songs
Watching reality television
Thinking sex is more important than love
Being an etrovert
Being an narcissist
Enjoying nu-metal
Being shallow
Being predjudice
Being hateful
Thinking Fred is funny
Fezzelboker texting non-fezzelboker:YO STfU Yo FFFFattT hoBaG! I MAK SEx Wit YO mOMma lAZt nighte kay BBITTCh!

non-fezzelboker:You should learn english.

*signs off*
by Troll trollin' August 13, 2011
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