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1.) Bacardi 151, and over-proofed version of all Bacardi liquors. It is 151 proof which is double the proofs of Vodka, Hennessy, Tequila, Jack Daniels, etc ... which are only 80 proof. Highly Flammable. Will cause instant drunkeness.

2.) Feva is often used to describe when sumbody rolls a '5' in a game of dice.

The word Feva (as slang for 151 Bacardi) originated in the slums of New Jersey over a decade ago, maybe more, and has been popularized by the group 151 Feva Gang from Essex County, New Jersey
I feel like drinking 151 tonight, let's go half on a bottle of Feva.
by 151 September 28, 2006
Bacardi 151, Popularized in New Jersey by a group known as 151 FevaGang. Known for drinking Feva.
1st Dude: Yo son, i'm tryin to get throwd tonite!

2nd Dude: Letz Cop some Feva!!!
by Denaro Da Don June 03, 2006
A pizza faced coon
Look at that gimp, he looks like Feva
by bob August 04, 2003
Pizza faced coon
Shit that guys spotty, it could be Feva
by bob August 04, 2003

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