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An insult directed at jerks and assholes. It is similar in definition and used in the same context as motherfucker, with the only key difference being that when calling one a Fetusfucker, you are implying that they fuck fetuses, rather than someone's mother.
"Which one of you Fetusfuckers fucked my girlfriend and gave her Anal Warts?"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
33 7
A man who is turned on by pregnant women or one who has sexual intercourse with a woman during the last months of her pregnancy. Fetus fuckers are known to be the leading cause of dimples in children.
Roberto is such a fetus fucker.
by Blenderhead71 February 09, 2007
61 7
Sangriada, posibbly angelcore
Hey, buddie, dont you thinks he acts like a fetus fucker?
by texasissouth August 18, 2008
5 5