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(Fur-sh-new-gul) To take from one another, knowingly or unknowingly, in a friendly context generally with the intent of returning. Similar to mooch, yet has more of a connotation of taking property instead of borrowing. However, fershnoogle never refers to a serious case of theft; the fershnoogled property is generally of very little value.

Also, a fershnoogler is one who fershnoogles.

Very closely related with the word filch.
-Matthew fershnoogled my baseball bat the other day while I was gone.
-After repepetively borrowing pencils from me without returning them, I realized that Julie was a habitual fershnoogler.
-Gosh! Why do you always have to come to my house and fershnoogle my food?
-Someone fershnoogled all of my paper clips. Them 'darn fershnooglers!
by Carl V. Lewis April 05, 2006
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