Simalar to a Wright but done in the face of someone.
Andy: Ferguson WTF are you doing?!?

Ryan: What?
by Poomtang February 10, 2010
a nerd, a geek, a young republican, can be a foe or someone annoying. Originating from Clarissa's evil little brother in Clarissa Explains It All, a popular television show from Nickelodeon in the 90's.
A- come to this party tonight!

B- No, I have to work on this paper.

A- Don't be sucha Ferguson!
by Brandon McMullin December 04, 2007
One of the five ferguson, fergison, furgerson, furguson, fergerson these 5 last names descend from the five lords.

Jeff:Hey did you know that john fergerson is brothers with mark furguson

Bill:No hes not hes a ferguson not fergerson.

Jeff: so that means hes not tom fergisons brother either

by godfree34 April 04, 2009
An Australian term for a woman's genitals that looks extremely unappealing.
"I was watching a cheap porno the other day and this chick had the biggest ferguson! She hadn't shaved it and the lips were all black! It was disgusting!"
by Pierre D January 13, 2006

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