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Pronoun. Typically someone from Southern California or Arizona, who drives any sort of lifted 4x4 truck that has nautical stars and or energy drink decals on the back tinted window. A ferguson usually wears a black Tapout hat with the bill bent up, a Famous Stars and Straps jersey, camo cargo shorts with a chain wallet, high black socks, and big puffy tongue DC skate shoes. Occasionally, a ferguson will have sparrows or koi fish tattooed on his shoulder blades, gauge earrings, and have a dirt bike in the back of his lifted 4x4. Fergusons may be accompanied by a female, known as a bro hoe. It is very likely that he (the ferg) is not the first of his friends that has slept with this bro hoe. The bro hoe typically wears a white wife beater, cheap blue jeans, a belt with either studs or bottle caps, and a pair of fake Uggs she got from Pac-sun with a Christmas gift card.
Dude, you wanna go to the No Fear store?" "No dude. I don't need any ferguson gear.
by Goose1899 January 02, 2011

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