Pronoun. Typically someone from Southern California or Arizona, who drives any sort of lifted 4x4 truck that has nautical stars and or energy drink decals on the back tinted window. A ferguson usually wears a black Tapout hat with the bill bent up, a Famous Stars and Straps jersey, camo cargo shorts with a chain wallet, high black socks, and big puffy tongue DC skate shoes. Occasionally, a ferguson will have sparrows or koi fish tattooed on his shoulder blades, gauge earrings, and have a dirt bike in the back of his lifted 4x4. Fergusons may be accompanied by a female, known as a bro hoe. It is very likely that he (the ferg) is not the first of his friends that has slept with this bro hoe. The bro hoe typically wears a white wife beater, cheap blue jeans, a belt with either studs or bottle caps, and a pair of fake Uggs she got from Pac-sun with a Christmas gift card.
Dude, you wanna go to the No Fear store?" "No dude. I don't need any ferguson gear.
by Goose1899 January 02, 2011
Top Definition
Going crazy/vandalizing/damaging property
boy 1: Mom! You missed it today at Best buy!
mom : What's that honey?
Boy 1: A man at Best Buy started kicking shelves over and swinging at Customer Service! He literally destroyed half the store in less in 3 minutes!
Boy 2; Yeah he went Ferguson up in that bitch!
Mom: Watch your mouth!
by WhodiBrown November 26, 2014
Just another excuse for black people to steal things, burn down and destroy a town.
White man: so how was the ferguson riot.
Black man: great i dont give a shit about that kid but i got a free tv though.
by Johnny Ls December 10, 2014
The name Ferguson (or Fergusson) and its history spreads from Argyle and Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland (then known as Dál Riata), but also as far across as Antrim in northeastern Ireland under Fergus Mór mac Eirc. Evidence suggests that the clan also spread right across the Scottish Highlands as far as Dunkeld. Through emigration, either forced or voluntary, the name Ferguson and its rich heritage have travelled throughout the world.

The origin of the name Fergusson or Ferguson, "son of Fergus" (MacFhearguis in Gaelic), is shrouded by the mists of time. Medieval historians recorded a tradition that the founder of Scotland's monarchy was a Fergus who lived in Ireland about 300 B.C. Traditions tell that by 500 A.D. the Scots under Fergus Mór mac Eirc had left Northern Ireland and became established in Dál Riata, now Argyll. From Fergus Mor, with a few early exceptions, descend all subsequent kings and queens of the Scots, including the present Queen of Britain. St. Columba of Iona (6th century A.D.) was a scion of Fergus Mor's royal line.

According to Medieval historians Fergus was the founder of the Scottish monarchy. Ayrshire and Dumfries Fergussons alike claim descent from Fergus of Galloway. The grandfather of Donnchadh, Earl of Carrick and in turn great-great-grandfather to Robert Bruce, Fergus, restored the see of Whithorn and founded Dundrennan Abbey during the reign of David I and Malcolm IV. He died as a monk at Holyrood in 1161. Through Robert Bruce passes the line of the Royal Family of Britain. It was the 1st Earl of Carrick's signature that might suggest the origins of the Fergusson surname, Duncan, son of Gilbert, the son of Fergus, hence MacFhearguis.
In one of the oldest documents of ancient Scottish history, the Senchus fer n-Alban, Ferguson is the only modern clan name mentioned. Some writers believe the Fergusons had their day as a powerful clan prior to the 13th century and became dispersed from Argyll (Dalriada) as the Scots spread into other parts of Scotland. Before the 18th century, at least five groups of Fergusons possessed lands and lived in the style of a clan under their respective chiefs in Argyll, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Dumfriesshire, and Ayrshire. Today, the Kilkerran Fergusons in Ayreshire and the family of Ferguson of Baledmund and the Fergusons of Balquhidder, both in Perthshire, are still owners of extensive lands.
by the james July 07, 2006
A shithole made famous from a terrorist with an iPhone, a gay dude in a blue vest, arson and looting.
Ferguson: I moved from Ferguson because it's a shithole controlled by criminals who protest in the names of thugs.
by JackSanders January 20, 2015
The offspring of a grey squirrel and an alpacha with a large muffin top.

This mammal enjoys wearing pink party frocks to graduations, and tanned cords!
Omg! look at that ferguson over there in it's natural habitat... SCANDANAVIA!
by patrickpascuelliethethird October 07, 2008
A 'Ferguson' is a type of mammal which is characterised by its blond hair that is of its own life form. The hair does what it pleases, forming the 'Ferguson' part of the mammal.

The 'Ferguson' is not restricted to head hair, but also extended to chest hair know the rest.

Often, when a 'Ferguson' is sighted it must be shot down immediately as it is fashionably contagious.

Not to be confused with an Angus, the organism which the Ferguson clings to.

Beware. Little is known as to whether the Ferguson has detrimental side effects. Documented cases of victims of Fergusitis have had symptoms including nausea, cancer of the eyes, rejection, depression and inconvenience.
Elmer Fudd: "Be veeeewwy quiet, I'm hunting Fergusons."
Ferguson: "Ehh, what's up doc?"


Angus: "Had a dream that a Ferguson infected me. Woke up, not a dream."

Sam: "Get a haircut."
Angus: "I can't, it's a case of the Ferguson!"
by Zozimus and Alexander November 04, 2011
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