i large fat animal like creature that is often considered to be a bully however is wrongly accused. he is always eating and if he goes more than 30 minutes without food he risks death.
that fat boy fergus asked me for a biscuit... what a bully
by hurts when i pee February 04, 2008
a disease that someone gets after being spitroasted by two sebs this causes rectal bleeding and diahorrea
Guy: OMG i've now got fergus!!!!.......
by Harry Hendrson November 26, 2008
The act of homosexual spitroasting
Mike: "Dude, did you hear about Stef? She said she got a Fergus from a couple of random guys!"

Stu: "Wait, isn't that when...Oh..."
by Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film February 23, 2006
It\\\'s if you\\\'re a man and you\\\'re wearing a tie, if the end section of the tie comes out of your fly.
Person 1:How did the interview go?
Person 2:OK
Person 1:Did you go to toilet after your interview?
Person 2:No, why?
Person 1:Cos\' you\'re having a fergus
by Sean Fredericks February 29, 2008
AN It looking like a guy but for some reason it looks like a girl
OMG!! What is that oh its name is fergus crawford.
by Lidia October 22, 2006
When you avoid paying your share of a bill by leaving early, typically claiming illness
I am a bit thinned off this month, i'll have to do a Fergus
by alleycat3 May 21, 2015

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