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(Also spelt/ pronounced Frerard) Is a Fan Fiction Pairing of two members in a band called My Chemical Romance named Frank Iero and Gerard Way.
And this was all caused because of their on-stage antics. And I bet they know that.
Me: OH MY GOD. Did you see what Gerard did to Frankie at the concert last night!?
Andrea: YES!! That was the best moment of my life!
Me: I have pictures!
Andrea: Awesome, best ferard ever.
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by I HATE GERBERT July 10, 2008
The fictitious couple consisting of Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance Vocalist) and Franklin Iero (Guitarist). The two are actually just friends and bandmates, but some people get a kick out of writing/reading Ferard slash/bandslash fics. Sadly, many non-fans have taken Ferard as fact and use it to torment fans and say that their favorite band is gay. Also spelled/pronounced "Freard" or "Frerard."
Person: Wowo I just read an awesome fic!
Me: What was it about?
Person: It's another Ferard story.
Me: *whacks person with shovel* WHY. CAN'T. YOU. LET. GO. OF. FERARD!?!?!? IT'S FAKE!!! IT'S SICK!!! THEY BOTH HAVE GIRLFRIENDS!!! THEY. ARE. NOT. TOGETHER!!!!!
Person: *is bloody pulp*
#freard #frank #gerard #slash #bandslash
by vampXfaerie June 08, 2006
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