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Femisogyny is the misogyny caused by feminism.
Feminsts suffer from Femisogyny by saying that all women are inferior victims of men. femisogynists are forever trying to make sure that women always wallow in victimhood.
by Zirploid December 07, 2015
That embowered pro feminist women choose and enjoy none traditional feminist lifestyles. They choose to be subservient to men and their desires. They enjoy being objectified as sex objects and pro slut.
"Taken in hand" is a Femisogyny relationship. The Duke porn star Bella Knox is femisogynist . The NSFW femisogyny blog Women who choose to be subs in BDSM relationships. House wives, sexual submissives, and "Littles". Their ideal man would be along the lines of Don Draper from Mad Men.
#pro-slut #housewives #littles #whore #cum dumpster
by thehandthatknocks April 14, 2014
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