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An erotic dance that a female stripper with large ta tas gives to a lady customer at a stripclub at the request of a male customer for his viewing pleasure. Usually this dance is more hands-on than the lapdance given to a male and involves titty grabbing and girl-on-girl action.
Matt: I’m bored…let’s go to the skin bar down the road and I’ll get you a female lapper, preferably with a big-breasted brunette.

Laura: Sure, what else are we doing…as long as she’s hot, I’m in.
by Buttons February 16, 2005

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The act of bringing a female friend to a stripclub and buying her a lapdance for your own pleasure.
Mattie V: Yo, Hattan...we have to get you a female lapper.

Hattan: Sure thing, but what's in it for me?
by Buttons February 15, 2005
Used as a verb, it is a highly erotic act of pleasure performed for a single male by two shorties frequenting an adult entertainment establishment. It involves a wilingness on the parts of all parties to enter a state of shangri-la while being serviced by the staff.
"Hey Laura and Kristin, lets go get us some pooty-tang and show Matt the real meaning of female lapper!
by LOVE2LAP February 18, 2005