Failed Emergency Management Agency
After 'Hurricane Katrina' hit New Orleans, F.E.M.A.(Failed Emergency Management Agency) took so long to respond, it caused hundreds of needless deaths!
by Paul J Parkinson September 07, 2005
1)find every mexican avaible
2)fix everything my ass
3)a bunch of idiots fucking everything up
The FEMA evacuation plan is run bitch run or save your own ass.
by kickass2014 June 08, 2007
Federal emergency morrons agency
an agency trying to provide help in case of emergency, but not smart enough to do it.

yeah what ever man....FEMA YOU!
by netlock July 29, 2006
Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. It allows creation of a non-elected national government. Think about that.
FEMA is our government.
by ilona January 22, 2006
Find Every Mexican Available!
The Building Contractors are using the FEMA solution to rebuild New Orleans.
by Clark77494 December 20, 2006
the organization that is going to take over the world.
after obama becomes a dictator and gets shot by the FEMA director, FEMA is planning to take over the world and use hispanics to build giant statues of the FEMA director. Then the hispanics become zombies from rabies and zombies take over the world. Then aliens come and team up with the zombies to find the corrupters (me and my friends because we knew about it first) to turn them into secret galactic weapons. But in the end two people survive, they use weed for the rage that the rabies cause, and cure everyone's rabies and get weed legalized.
by FEMAcoruptor March 26, 2009
(v) to be late for an emergency.
I decided to fema my baby's delivery and arrived at the hospital four days after he was born.
by tdrury September 09, 2005

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