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1. The only town in Britain to look at Ipswich with envy.

2. Nothing really happens, except pretentious 14-year-old chav wannabees bunk off school.

3. Big port. Without it, lots of British people would probably die.
1. "Yeah, I took the train to Ipswich on Saturday."

2. "Fuck u bruv, I is well gonna merc u up!"

3. I can see Felixstowe's port from my window.
by liastd September 04, 2006
A place full of Chavs, chav shops and a general shit hole on the East of Suffolk. Has a major international port. Used to be a big holiday resort town. By the beach.
i cum from flixsto init

You Chav.

Felixstowe is full of chavs, it's chav breeding zone!
by Alecstacy August 05, 2006
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