MOJOS, Wetters, settlers from southern part of mexico. Usually very short under 5'5"
by Kunta October 01, 2003
A jerk who thinks he can get any girl he wants. Hes full of himself and thinks hes so cool. Felipe plays girls, he cheats on all of them. Hes the type of person that will text an ex saying he misses her and pretend he has no clue who the idiot that falled for him now (his girlfriend) is just so he can hook up with the ex again.

BEWARE! he can play you so hard you might actually fall inlove.
That guy was such a douche, typical felipe

hes just like felipe, plays every girl he meets

Felipe really made her fall inlove then said he had a girlfirend
##felipe ##beware ##jerk ##douchebag ##player
One who is lacking in swag, but isn't lacking clumsiness and ugliness. May originate from Colombia, even though Colombia is filled with astute individuals. Appears to look like a nativ Indian with a severely large angle on the nose. Kudo and cool points are in the negatives compared to the average human. Somehow has an extremely stunning and gorgeous girlfriend who dearly likes him for who he is, even if her beauty outshines this average man.
Luis, It sure is nice to not be a Felipe!
#swag #clumsiness #colombia #girlfriend #beauty #ugly
by kawaiixsarii April 20, 2011
Bald, nosy annoying busy body that jumps into things that do not concern him and make them about him. Accuses people of things that they have not done to make them seem as pathetic as he really is. Uses people that are to stupid to realize that they are being used a Felipe can be found hiding in crowds behind his fat wife.
There is baldy over there?
Where? Who?
Felipe. He is over there with his wife acting like he has a right to be up here.
Loser. He accused me of some fake crap yesterday that he actually did.
Bald fuck.
#bald #fuck #fake #pathetic #loser
by lichee January 17, 2011
just about any part of speech

this word can be used in place of any word in the English language; best used in order to create a feeling of uneasiness considering most people are not accustom to this definition of Felipe

not pronounced normally(fla - eep)
n. Mother Fleiper, I have to go to Mr. V's office again

v. Last night I totally Feliped the shit out of my girlfriend

adj. Hey man, you still doing it with that dirty Feliping whore?
#anything #pheliped #everything #word #nothing #verb #noun #adjective
by Jack me Hoff December 04, 2007
The lamest 12 year old looking guy in the history of lame guys. Thinks of himself as a total chick magnet.
Are you still with that guy?

No! He was such a Felipe.
#lame #corny #firtatious #dishonest #scrawny
by t shirt March 07, 2010
a man a man that is possibly a weirdo who stalks you or companions
im being paedod down by a randy felipe
#rape #paedophile #stalker #hider #wierdo
by james felipe August 06, 2006
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