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A poor imitation of a Seiko watch, usually found in flea markets, many tourist town jewelry stores, or Souks in the middle east. See Fauxlex for context/comparison
Flea Market Vendor: Very nice watch. For you, only $75.
You: Nice face details and smooth motion on the second hand, but I'm still not paying $75 for a Feiko.
by Man Cub August 02, 2006
Usually means, intelligent, nice, wise, handsome, sexy, buff, and modest guy. steals all the hawt gurls at school, making the other guys jealous of him.
Derp: dude, i just hooked up with durp!

Feiko: i banged Susan last night

Derp: gdammit im so jealous
by Henk123456789987654321 November 06, 2013

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