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A feestwa is a person who is clueless, and outgoing. In their outgoing behavior they have sudden random outbursts that make sense to only them and other feestwas. They have an uncanny ability to confuse and complicate things. Feestwas are usually narrow minded when it comes to their views on life. They frequently call others feestwas in attempt to appear non-feestwish. If you call someone a feestwa, it is likely that you are one as well. The dodo birds in the movie 'Ice Age' would be considered feestwas. Mooks are usually feestwas.
"He's such a feestwa.""Be quiet, you feestwa !" "You're a feestwa !" "No, you are!" "No, you !"...
by yah-man April 12, 2009
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