Female masturbation.
- Brb gotta feed the cat.
- Back, my hands smell like fish now.
- Do your cats like fish?
- No I... never mind.
by Elmosus November 05, 2008
Top Definition
Another way of saying I'm going home to have a session.
Cakes: I have to go home to feed the cat!
Vic: You need to lay off the 6 paper joints!
by boltis May 18, 2010
An electro/dubstep/EDM mixtape by Ephixa showcasing multiple Monstercat label songs. Usually around 30 minutes to an hour long.
Feed The Cat Mixtape - 60 minutes of Electro Dubstep and EDM from Monstercat - Mixed by Ephixa - YouTube
by erthkwake February 13, 2013
To have sexual intercourse with a woman.
-Guys I'm going to run, got to go "Feed the Cat".

-Dude you don't have a cat.

-No but my girlfriend has a pussy and it's hungry...
by kold93 April 04, 2009
A phrase used in place of vomiting.
She got so drunk, she was feeding the cats all night.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
Using feeding the cats as an excuse to leave and go masturbate at home
Hey ummm guys I gotta go home and feed the cats
by Dj damrow September 12, 2007
An excuse used in mixed company when you want to leave and have a bowel movement in your own toilet.
Sorry guys I would love to stay and talk but I have to go home and feed the cat.
by Tlai May 05, 2006
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