A makeshift masturbatory device most commonly used by The Incarcerated. Some improvised combinations may include: a piece of saran-wrap & wad of chicken fat; a zip-loc bag corner & hunk of salsbury steak; a condom receptacle & someone's load. Used in female prisons to "flick the bean" or mens' for anal stimulation while "beating the kid"
If the food is good in the joynt, you can make yourself one good Fee Fee Bag and have dessert later on.....alone.....in your cell....late at night.....you know......MASTURBATING!
by joeydoyc September 13, 2011
Top Definition
A jack off device made of a rubber glove,a rolled up towel, some duct tape & a squirt of lotion. (Usually used in Prison)
Someone ripped off my Fee Fee Bag so I had go into the meat locker,Drill a hole into a 5 pound boneless turkey breast & fuck the shit out of it.
by Doyle March 07, 2004
A sock filled with mayonnaise used for masterbatory purposes.
Man, back in prison I used to get my rock off with my cellmates fee fee bag.
by U-9 February 13, 2004

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