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noun - an impressive sized, semi-erect penis. Often coupled with the unfortunate loss of erection at the slightest change in friction, momentum, rhythm, temperature, thoughts, weather, sounds, smells, or amount of body hair.

Verb - To lose an erection for no apparent reason, leaving the possessor and his chosen partner confused and infuriated.
(Bro #1) - "Dude, I was having sex with Sarah last night, and all the sudden I got whiskey dick."
(Bro #2) - " But you were the designated driver last night, you didn't even drink, right?"
(Bro #1) - "Not a drop, freaking weird right?"
(Bro #2) - "Dude, you didn't get whiskey dick, you have a Fedock, You Fedocked! hahahaha"
by FapCatting September 05, 2013
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