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Cute and so ADOREABLE (with caps)
Shes soooo cute, i could call her febe.
by heythere231210 May 28, 2011
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1. A nickname for a guy or girl, pronounced phoebe, but often spelt and abbreviated to 'febe'.
He/she/It is considered to be very dangerous to the opposite sex and very dissapointing in the bedroom.

2. Someone who walks around and then all of a sudden the evil darth vader theme tune mysteriously comes on.

3. A small furry creature

4. An automated audio device that produces random facts and figures (often non nonsensical) for no apparent reason
"boy oh boy, you made a right febe of her"

"febe, for frisbees sake would you shut the fudge up, i dont want to know who invaded mongolia in 1615"

"is that a furby?"

"At the hospital on prom/formal night? That sounds like the terryifying wrath of the sesame street cereal spiller!! a.k.a 'febe'"
by Chris Smyth June 14, 2008
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An abbreiviation of Phoebe for people (Namely mwa) who cannot spell.

Also a girl in my yeargroup.
'Febe stop trying to seduce me with your failed attempts at bedroom eyes goddamnit!'
by BurtonsHips February 12, 2004
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