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Racist term for native americans
That dirty feather head is drunk again!
by crazyfock November 05, 2003
a term for a Native American Indian, who are often depicted in history as wearing feathers on their heads and headdresses.
Person 1: "So I was laughing at this drunk indian."
Person 2: "Wait, were they a featherhead or a dothead?"
Person 1:"A featherhead."
by SeriouslyYourMomIsSoHot September 07, 2011
Racist term for American Indians, primarily tribes who wore the feathered headresses (names for other varieties of Indians also exist).
White Guy: Chief Jospeph was a crybaby featherhead!

Indian: Shut up you paint huffin' cracker!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
Any punk ass chump who calls himself a hells angel. Also called chickenheads. Name comes the feathered chicken skull they fly as a "patch". Their colors are red and white, just like a used kotex....
Anybody can get a featherhead patch these days. In Arizona, these jokers are even "patching out" cops!!
by elpaso13 March 19, 2009
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