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The fawning over the Los Angeles Lakers by sports talk personalities and/or their fans.

"The Loose Cannons", a sports talk trio that appears on KLAC AM 570 in L.A. (the Lakers' flagship station), will sit from 12-3pm on weekdays, lavishing the Lake Show with heaps of (sometimes undue) praise. If Kobe Bryant showed up to the KLAC studio and pulled his pants down, I am certain that Vic "The Brick" Jacobs would get on his knees and pleasure Kobe to no end, given the way Vic raves about him 12 months a year.
"Dude, you'd think Vic the Brick was married to Kobe given the amount of feLakercio he spews during his broadcasts" - me

"I know man, I'm a Laker fan, and even I think the feLakercio gets a little tiresome" - Dude
by Slamnaniganz May 29, 2008
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