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Attractive female. Stems from a commonly misheard lyric in AC/DC's song "You Shook Me All Night Long", which is "She was a fax machine". The actual lyric is "She was a fast machine".
Dude, did you see that fax machine back there?
by Jackle13 December 24, 2012
A kid in class who hears others silently say an answer to a question, and they say it louder so that the teacher hears and it makes them look super smart when they're stealing people's thunder.
Mr. Baffi: What is 3+3?

Chad:(quietly) 6.

Ashly: SIX!!!!

Bennett: Dude, Ashly, I totally heard Chad just say that. You're such a fax machine!!!
by Ashly :DD August 07, 2007
A machine used for sending faxes.
Person: "I just bought a fax machine. I think I will use it to send disturbing faxes to my friends." (note: The faxes will end up back in his fax machine.)
by Evil October 18, 2003
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