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The result when a professional athlete, well past his prime, returns from retirement, often to another team overly eager for identity with a superstar, just before the season starts and screws over the player who had earned a starting position, creates havoc for the coaching staff, acts like a perv, and then has a crappy season, but continues to play or announces he may still play with broken bones and greatly dimished skills.
Dude 1: "Man, our team is really sorry this year. That new QB with the rifle arm is on the bench, the head coach and OC got fired, and that old guy is trying to play with his leg, shoulder and head messed up. He's even under investigation for texting a picture of his junk to some bodacious babe."
Dude 2: "That is Favre'd up, dude!"
by MU75 Grad January 17, 2011
1 Word related to Favred up
Just when you think you're seeing true greatness, you get excited and you start to believe that wonderful things are about to happen, some kind of stupid quirk of fate occurs resulting in a massive choke instead.
Person #1: "Man, I thought we were going to get the deal done and we were so close to winning it, but at the last second I made a boneheaded move and totally Favred up the presentation.
by Mustang Freak January 26, 2010

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