To send inappropriate and unsolicited text msgs, typically of a sexting nature, to a woman or women you barely know ...
"OMG, I just rec'd a Favre - this guy shouldn't be so quick to display his, um, shortcomings."

"I was out with my friends last night, and he wouldn't stop Favre-ing me. So not cool."
by StyleWriterNYC October 31, 2010
A text message containing a picture of ones genitalia that is then sent to another person, generally a co-worker
Yo bro, Mary was totally checking you out during yesterdays lax game.
Hell yeah bro, im gonna send her a Favre after I slam this six pack of natty ice.
by Rusty Shacklefords bastard son October 26, 2010
To leave the National Football Association for retirement, but then come out of retirement to play again. Big press conferences and ESPN headlines are often associated, as well as seeming sincere about it. Repeat until everyone is sick of hearing about it (including yourself).
Bro #1: I really like football.
Bro #2: Dude, did you see Favre pull a Favre?
Bro #1: NO way?!?!
by ocingmaddog August 17, 2010
n : a small measurement, generally 5 inches or less
"The halfback was tackled just a Favre short of the first down marker."
by BigJudge February 14, 2011
A verb meaning to electronically transmit a photograph of one's junk to another.
OMG. He Favred her!
by KetelGirl August 18, 2011

Favred, Favreing

The act of sending unsolicited cock photos via text message to a female acquaintance.

Pertaining to the Brett Farve/Jen Sterger scandal of 2010/11
1. Hey, give me your phone so I can Farve this chick.

2. John was in the bathroom Farve-ing his ex.

3. Pete Farved that chick from the bar last night.
by Fierce Beard January 08, 2011
An interception in football that is returned by the other team for a touchdown. Otherwise known as a "pick-six".
Drew Brees threw one normal interception and one favre in the game.
by jester of freedonia December 27, 2010

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