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FavRETARDS: Fans of Brett Favre who believe 1. He plays for "the love of the game". 2. He is sincere when he says he is going to retire. 3. He is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL. 4. He doesn't manipulate the media and his 'tard fans for his own gain. 5. His season ending interceptions are because he is a "gunslinger" and not because he makes bad decisions when the game is on the line
The FavRetards are shocked Brett is back with the Vikings.

The FavRETARDS have made the Vikings the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl.

The FavRETARDS have taken over the management of the Vikings and have given Brett an additional 7 million dollars even though he would have returned anyways.
by Mr. Lex Luthor August 19, 2010
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