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N. Fo-tawg. Fauxtography: The (fallacious) notion which many attractive co-eds harbor, an undeserved feeling that "I am talented." Unfortunately this feeling is based on the logic that all pretty girls are talented. (Jessica Simpson syndrome)

While this trend is as common as the digital cameras which make it possible, it existed long before point+shoot+post-to-facebook was the new art exhibit. Since the dawn of western civilization young hotties have paraded about with digicams, acoustic guitars, note pads etc. simply to feed their image and unjustly gain a sense of self-worth.
"Guys, check out my homepage, my mom just got me a digital camera, I'm into art now."

"Rate my new album: a collection of shots of trees, portraits, and my cat."

"I just learned to play Weezer's Undone on guitar, let's sing together."

"SLR? What's that?"

"Silly fauxtog girl"
by Myke Cash January 24, 2010
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