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A fitness trend bastardizing the practice of Yoga that makes participants feel hip & "spiritual". Usually takes place a large, cheesy gym & taught by fauxgis
JJ: Yo! Did you see that girl w/ her Louis Vuitton yoga mat & bag at Starbucks?
KJ: Yeah I think she just went to Fauxga class
JJ: Totally! She was just saying how her new tits make it hard to do the tree pose & truly connect with her inner goddess...!?!
by JenniferJ November 12, 2007
A trendy way to stay in shape, done by the young professional/ soccer mom demographic. Completely devoid of religious and/or spiritual meaning.
Before dropping her kids off at school, Sally goes to a 7 o'clock fauxga class to tone her butt, strenghten her arms, and improve her stamina so that she may have sex later that evening with her aging and disinterested husband.
by superduperpants January 22, 2007
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