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A group that has their own show in BET called The House of Fatty Koo. A group on the rising. There are 3 girls: Valure, Marya, and Gabrielle and also 3 boys: Ron, Eddie B, and Josh.
This is the house of Fatty Koo!
by MiiSZ SEXCii June 04, 2005
Usually thought to be just a group name but to black america it meens a girl with a big, round, full bum.

The word is half english half portugese
fatty meening big in english and koo(spelled differently)in portugese meens ass or butt
YO, check out that chick with the fatty koo!
by Ari East August 10, 2005
when a large woman has camel toe.
"those spandex bike shorts really show off her fatty koo."
by warren sammich July 09, 2005
your fatty koo is what makes you unique and what makes you special or stand out.
Im a great hip-hop dancer. That's my fatty koo.
by F.S July 10, 2005
a girls big butt (the group fatty koo defined it as such)
Damn, she gott a fatty koo!
by Jasmine K. July 29, 2005
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