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A fat motherfucker who demolishes crates of cookies in one second. While doing so he will also tell you about his day at work and how his dad died. He doesn't know how to drive because anyone else that can drive simply does it better than him. He frequently has to brb because he can't let his brother see him cry. He's also sorry for being selfish, he just found out what love feels like. He has a reindeer ass-licking fetish. He is a fat black and white horse on the second life. His nickname is Marky, be sure to address him as that.
Fatty D(Marky):*whilst eating a crate of cookies* So anyways today at work, my boss called me fat and my dad is dead.
Person who could give a shit less: Shut up you fat fuck, give me a ride home. Oh wait you can't drive because everybody does it better than you.
Fatty D(Marky): Brb can't let my brother see me cry. :(
by Lolwutter April 13, 2011
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