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A boy from Chattanooga who has the following theme song:

"Chatty Fatty! Chatty Fatty!"
"He is in love with stake!"
"Chatty Fatty! Chatty Fatty!"
"Eating was a BIG mistake!"

There are more lyrics... but they suck.

This kid doesn't even KNOW us!

Cause we live in Missouri.

We don't have fatties here.

Well... 'Cept Patty Fatty.

Elise luuuurrrves him. Chatty Fatty, that is.
"Hey Elise? Have you talked to Chatty Fatty today?"

"Nah. Haven't talked to that fat bastard in months. He always tries to eat the phone! He thinks it's STAKE or somethin'."
by Tristan & Elise November 03, 2004
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