(N.) Another Word for "Canceled by November."

(see, Jake 2.0 and Method and Red.)
Just because soemthing is "All 3D Lookin'" like Shrek, doesn't mean the writing will be Emmy-Worthy.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004
Top Definition
A computer-animated comedy show on NBC. It features a family of white lions who live at Siegfried and Roy's Secret Forest compound in Las Vegas. There's Larry, Kate, and their kids Sierra and Hunter, along with Kate's father Sarmoti (who lives with them).
Hunter is adorable, not to mention cuddlesome!
by fixman88 October 20, 2004
The greatest comedy in a long time. Set around the family of the lead lion in the Siegfried and Roy show. This show, despite thde animation, has a very adult and subtle humour. 10/10!!
That great TV comedy, Father of the Pride
by Ben Owen June 02, 2005
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