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Let's see...where do we begin? He goes to a Highschool in Washington state. His name is Aaron-pathetic, immensely ignorant, arrogant, judgemental, biased, gloating...verily, a POSER. Who denies that of which he is. He is too cowardice to acknowledge or even see it. He claims to be goth, yet his attitude and morals(if they even exist) are exactly like every other moronic kid's in the school.
He also claims to encourage freedom of expression, yet he bashes on people who want to wear anything that he wears.
If "goth" is a culture and not a style, then why does he have a problem with other people wearing tretch coats? Just because people like to wear them, that shouldn't suggest that they want to label themselves "goth", like he does. He is blinded by his own biasism. His cries for attention are seldom noticed, So he shouldn't try so hard to be "different". Because he will never be. Oh, and one more thing-he is supposedly a black belt, yet his pathetic yet hilarios videos he posts of himself practising his so-called "martial arts", are really ameteur-putting it mildly.
by Alice Pleasance January 31, 2009
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