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Another phrase that means "Justice has been served." Probably derived from a joke involving the definition of "served" and exactly who the server would be in this case. In any case, Fate seems to serve Justice in this manner.

syn: "Fate's been a waiter"
ant: "Fate's no waiter"
I see that your purse was returned to you, it's obvious that Fate's been a waiter on this one.
by Josh Peters August 09, 2004

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A phrase spoken when a person receives what was deserved. Justice is the implied party, that placed an order with fate in some cosmic diner, and was subsequently served.
Don't be so shocked my crizzle, you got sent to the crowbar motel for driving that hot land yacht balls out on liquid bread. Fate's a waiter, is all.
by B Love August 10, 2004