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An overweight, sloppy co-worker who usually is sweating profusely. This particular person thinks they are superior to all other employees but is most likely washed up and on a power trip. On occasion, a Fatcarra will even steal leftovers or lunches left unmarked in the fridge.
Upon returning to work on Monday, Linda realized her bag of chips was missing from her desk, only to discover the Fatcarra eating them in is office.
by mattya318 May 20, 2010
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smells real bad; sweats profusely; eats all day and has a high pitched voice; wanna be boss who has cardiac arrests on a regular bases
A fatcarra will steal any left overs from his emplyees and leave them starving..Emplyees must make sure they dont leave anything for a prowling fatcarra
by starved employee May 20, 2010

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