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Fatalcon Fa-tal-kin
1. A vicious bird with a wingspan of ten feet or greater. A bird that is commonly found flying throughtout the 501st servers. This clan has claimed the lives of many clans such as .pbk|, cbk|, -cc-, and .Ballin|

Fatalcon3d Fa-tal-kin'd
1. To be owned or destroyed by someone using the great powers of the Fatalcon. Ex. You've just been FATALCON3D!!!!
The Fatalcon is an almighty bird that will kill you.
by [501st] March 29, 2007
2 38
A large bird owned by the 501st clan of Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. It has been known to be released by the great M0nty and tear apart clans, such as .pbk, TLS, and *STAR*.
The great Fatalcon was released and destroyed L|S
by [501st]Kamikaze February 04, 2008
0 37