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You might be familiar with fat ass tine, if not click the link and you will soon know. Ladies & Gentlemen, Fat Ass Tine has evolved into Fat Drunk Slut Ass Tine. Never have I known a fat person who can consume so much food and alcohol simultaneously. No longer running, her weight has reached an exceeding point. Not only has her drinking and eating habits reached drastic levels, she has now taken the words "slut," "ho," "whore," etc. to a whole another level. When you see her at a party chances are she's straddling some guy...or a chick...while drinking & most certainly eating. I'm sure there will be more added to this later. For now, be on the lookout for Fat Drunk Slut Ass Tine....she's out there waiting to EAT or MAKE OUT with YOU next!!

FatDrunkSlutAssTine is known for making out with fuglies while chicken grease covers her lips.
by ihatetine December 21, 2005
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