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a fat chunky mother fucker who sits behind his computer all day not working or moving his body. dosent get any exercise and has never had sex. Usually will have an ass for a chin ( double chins) and a soft body.
I'm a fat guy.
by Mike Todd Rehmeyer. November 02, 2008
1. (Noun) A race superior to that of any other human being because of their jolly nature, skill in hot-dog eating contests, and unstoppable physical attractiveness. To qualify as a "fat guy", one does not necessarily have to be male. They simply have to weigh in excess of 400 pounds regardless of height or age.
1. "Honey, did you see that fat guy? I'd like to get his number..."
2. "What do I look for in an employee? If you're one of the fat guys, you are hired, no questions asked."
by Fat Guy Fan 227 February 22, 2011
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