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the party is on Fat Tuesday, then we fast and give up something during Lent.
by AdamanEve February 11, 2006
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when you skip class/work on a Monday, and then you have an absolute crapload of work to do the next day.
"I'm thinking of staying home on Monday, but then I'll have to endure fat tuesday"

"It wasn't work skipping class yesterday cause now it's fucking fat tuesday! Shit!"
by MMjr March 24, 2009
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The day before lent starts when your supposed to get ready for fasting by eating as much as possible, even though most people don't fast the next day.
you: Are you seriously going to eat all of that??

me: Of course I am, It's fat tuesday!
by crobs1216 February 27, 2009
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Spending a Tuesday eating fatty food and watching movies. The founders of this day are Dan Williamson and Jonathan Chen of The United Kingdom.

Experts say that a Fat Tuesday once in a while is actually healthy for you.
"Happy Fat Tuesday."

"That person has had too many Fat Tuesdays."
by Peter Potamus May 08, 2004
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Another way of saying, "All Day Sex (after the kids go to school till 3:00 when they get out)". It's treated like a Mexican holiday, with the Tequila shots, etc. between bouts. Also, sometimes means an extra long time having a hard-on without ejaculation, or an all day hard-on.
Hey, you wanna have Fat Tuesday with me tomorrow? (doesn't matter what day of the week it is). Or: Damn, I was Fat Tuesday after I saw you in that outfit this morning.
by mostdiggity January 08, 2015
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Friday and Saturday used to be considered the best day of the week but now Domino's Pizza is offering two single pizza toppings for just $5.99!
That's two for the price of one!
by 14012008011413070515180705 February 08, 2005
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