1. (n) two girls that are obsessed with food and have food on their minds pretty much always at the same time. They usually love cheese, Coca-Cola, hot wings and sandwiches above all.
2. (n) two girls who look like their dads that are happy they actually look like "humans". They have beautiful curves they are proud of!
3. (n) again..two girls that love food so much they actually have a hand symbol *FK* for their fat kid status
4. (n) commonly these people will simultaneously steal a bit of food from a party and try to hide it only to find out that they both have done it :)
5. (n) nicknames for these people are Jigglypuff and Shmancakes, showing their fat kids status even more clearly

SYN: Ziploc and BX
1. "Hey! Look at those fat kids over there eating all that damn Fatoush!"
2. "If we fat kids didnt have this fat, we couldnt make this sound by slapping our stomachs!"
4. "I took a slice of cheese"..."Haha serisouly? Cause I took a bun! Haha"
5. "Hey Shmancakes, you wanna go to D2 and eat?" "Nah dude, lets go to Ryans steakhouse!"

SYN: like #1: "Hey! Look at Ziploc and BX over there eating all that damn Fatoush!"
by shmantosheartssoulmatejiggs October 21, 2004
Top Definition
Loves Cake
...I luv ya like a fat kid luv cake, you know my style. I'll do anything to make ya smile!
by G-Union May 12, 2003
Any person who, regardless of age, sex or stature, adores food with every fiber of their being. Note that being a fat kid does not imply anything about a person's weight; it is purely a state of mind.

Certain moments and activities can be categorized as Fat Kid Moments and/or Activities. Examples: going to the grocery store at 2am because all you want in life are brownies; eating an entire pint of Ben&Jerrys when you really only meant to have a bite; pity eating the last bite/portion of food on a plate/bowl/cake pan; assuming other people's food left in the fridge more than three days is automatically up for grabs; patronizing buffet restaurants more than is strictly necessary/healthy/sane; putting whipped cream on..well..everything; interjecting thoughts about food into conversations that had nothing to do with food until that point; etc.
"So...you going back for thirds, too?"
"Um, obviously. Haha omg we're such fat kids."

"Dude I'm such the fat kid...Everyone at the party had these dainty portions on their plates, and I was wolfing down crackers and goat cheese like it was my job."

"Hey, did you read that article on Mexican sociocultural shifts and the escalating tension between adolescent social groups?"
"Mmm...Mexican food."
by my dog has no nose April 01, 2008
always gets picked last.
Coach: Jackson to the blue team...
Coach: That's everyone, right?
Fat Kid: I'm still here...
Coach: Yeah, you, fat kid, red team.
by not the fat kid. October 09, 2008
verbal and physicle punching bags to take out your hate on coz they have no feelings or emotions often hillarious to set on fire or shoot at with paintball guns but it takes alotta paint to get through that fattass
lets kick the shit outa those fat kid over their at wendys (i know it tastes terrible but fat kids probably go their because they arnt human )whos keen?

everyone in the crowd: let me at him grannys: WE GET FIRST HIT!!
by SKUXX and what? August 01, 2011
a person that is either on the offensive or defensive line in football
Those damn fat kids can't block at all.
by malcolm jones May 23, 2008
the craziest ghetto trash white boy to ever live in the Park Lane Projects. President and founder of Fatkids Inc.
F.K.I. you know me so dont hate me
you better watch ya mouth, cause fatkid will fuck ya up
by project fatkid May 09, 2005
(verb) To upend a container with the express intent of finishing whatever remains (commonly crumbs), often in rapid and definitive fashion, regardless of the weight or appearance of the individual.
usage: to "fat kid" the chips

When no finger-sized Doritos remained, Marc proceeded to fat kid the rest of the bag, oblivious of the horrified glares from those around him.
by Jawberry & Admiral Obvious January 04, 2009

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