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The big fat fucking loser who fucks himself in the music rooms while eggs pole dancing on the drum kit.
Also known as Mr Harrison or the FAT MAN

He also is apart of the band "big fat fucking loser anonymus" and uses epileptic children as a vibrater to butt fuck himself
oooo im a loser who buys fart jars off EBay while i eat chocolate...... and i like pissing off lebs so they deck me and i come to school with a black eye and say my mum raped me.
by Epileptic vibrater March 18, 2005

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GENUS : Fatmanmusicman(used to be Phlomis)

SPECIES : Fat looking dude (or Donut)

COMMON NAMES: The Fat,Sir,OooHHhh Fat Harry , Buzz,Harrisons Pharmacy.

IDENTIFICATION :Shrubby, semi-woody perennial or semi-evergreen shrub, to 2m high and 1m spread.

HABITAT :Grassy areas, scrublands and along roadsides , locals say during the day the beast goes to marist high to feed on little kids.

USES :Potential food supply for 3rd world countries for 20018 and beyond.
Mild relaxant often described as providing effects similar to those of Cannabis. Smoking fat give stronger effects.
every see a fat guy and wonder WHAT TEH FUCK WAS THAT , no it wasnt a eclipse of the sun it was a fat harry walking past.