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When a person is over weight and the flab forms of what looks like a giant six pack. This may look very disgusting.
A: Oh my god look! George has a giant six pack!!!

B: You're right he does!

A: I know!!

C: That's not a six pack, thats a fat pack..
by Pseudonuymm January 26, 2011
Old timey New York slang for a wallet
As Nicky left the bathroom, he reached for his fatpack as he approached the store counter
by Coolpunch September 10, 2009
Refers to a fat persons fat
As if you are cold. You're fat pack should be keeping you warm!
by j.o.s.h October 08, 2006
A herd of Gothapotami. See Gothapotamus.
Well, I'm getting the fuck out of this club. A fat pack just showed up and they're all headed toward me!
by Anonymous November 08, 2003