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what fat people disappear into

what skinny people don't disappear into
"that fat slob disappeared into fat air"
by fagbot December 11, 2004
snowmobile racing term: when air is at really cold temperature it is much more dense, ie. fat air contains more oxygen for a given volume, so the fuel to air ratio can be increased yielding more power per engine cycle
have to increase my fuel to air ratio today, the air is really fat, we should get some good run times with this fat air !
by Bari p February 18, 2011

When a person missteps and trips on a seemingly invisible object. It is theorized that the person may have actually ran afoul of a pocket of air denser than the surrounding air.
Guy 1: Connie and I were walking down the hall when she tripped and fell out of nowhere. Landed right on her face!

Guy 2: You sure she didn't trip over fat air? I've seen that happen before.
by goomage May 22, 2010

What a fat person disappears into when she is out with her friends of 'normal' weight, & she suddenly gets the urge to go home & hide from the world because she feels SO fat next to her friends. This necessitates coming up with a plausible excuse to be able to leave.
Girl 1: Hey. Where's Kel? Wasn't she standing there just a moment ago??
Girl 2: She left. Said her cats needed feeding or neutering, or something.
Girl 1: I see. Guess she disappeared into fat air.
by catfight12 January 05, 2009

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